Our mission at Sarodgini Early Learning is to provide meaningful early learning experiences which develop the whole child by promoting interest-focused, hands-on exploration, open-ended, creative art experiences and community driven stewardship of our diverse global community.


At Sarodgini Early Learning we curate an inclusive, loving environment with anti-bias, culturally relevant, emergent curriculum. Strong partnerships with families and our community build children up to be confident, compassionate citizens of the world.

Cozy classrooms feel like home! Learning centers spark curiosity and promote hands on exploration. Devoted project time encourages children to dive deeper into their interests together. Reading, writing, and math are incorporated into all areas of the classroom.

We are committed to wellness and offer only whole foods for snack time. Children play outside three times a day, rain or shine. We offer daily nature walks, garden observations, yoga, and friendship circle as well as weekly open art studio, science experiments, and cooking projects.

Children will graduate as young authors with a strong grasp of the scientific method, who are enthusiastic about themselves! 


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