At Sarodgini Early Learning we allow children to set the pace by documenting their observed emerging interests and then enhancing their play environment to further investigate and explore these interests.  Utilization of the Creative Curriculum tools allows teachers to track development overtime while offering deeper learning opportunities. We are influenced by the many hospitals and healthcare facilities around us. Our experienced staff are always training and reading on the latest in childhood development and developmentally appropriate practices. Our primary focus is on the children's health and wellbeing. Our three core competencies are healthy body, healthy mind and healthy relationships. 



Healthy Bodies

Our day starts with a healthy, well rounded breakfast followed by group yoga/ stretching. We provide ample outdoor exploration with extended periods of open-ended play.  Children will experience outdoor play three times per day to encourage large motor play and development.    Our cooking program includes children in the making healthy snacks and celebrates diverse flavors. Our community garden is a focal point for all aged classrooms and garden tasks are scaffolded for appropriate age groups.  We also take children on walks around the neighborhood as a fun way to learn about the community.

Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds need to freedom to express and reflect.  We want children to have the ability to make choices that are healthy, and best for them. We firmly believe children know what they need to be learning and as educators we can document their emerging interests to better allow them to set the pace for their own learning.  We allow large blocks of uninterrupted free play times where children can choose what they want to explore, investigate, and learn. There is also daily opportunity to use our library and music room, art studio, and science station. Using the creative curriculum format, we nurture a love for learning and exploration. During play times our staff will play on the children's level. Children are free to make the rules, use their imagination, and control the play, all while our staff ask questions and play alongside. Dedicated time for mindful meditation takes place prior to the daily rest period to get children bodies ready for relaxation. 

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are a very important part of learning. We will provide the kids with the skills and guidance to maintain good relationships with family, classmates, staff and community. Children will learn problem solving, emotion management, and self-expression.   Teachers lead children through check-in to ensure communication is happening between the children and each is able to express their feelings and try out a solution together.  We do check-in's even with our youngest children by role modeling the conversation.  By the time children are in Kindergarten these check-ins are self-guided.  Daily friendship circles allow for discussion about emotions and allow for whole class problem solving.  We also greatly value our relationships with families and appreciate being trusted with you little ones.