How we are staying safe during COVID-19

Sarodgini is continuing its long tradition of keeping every child and family member healthy. In doing so we will follow all of Washington State’s DCYF guidelines. The following rules and procedures will be implemented as follows:

Drop off and pick up procedures.

Sarodgini staff will greet all parents and children outside of the facility. Staff members will be checking the temperature of every child with a touchless thermometer. We will also be taking the temperatures of all kids several times during the day. All parents will be required to wear a mask during drop off and pickup. Implementing social distancing strategies Here at Sarodgini we try our best to keep social distancing:

● Child care classes include the same group each day, and every teacher is assigned to work with one group of children.

● Since all of our classrooms are spacious, classrooms are partitioned into themed zones, where children play in groups of 2-4 at any given time.

● At nap time we make sure the children’s beds are spaced out 6 feet apart. Children are placed head to feet in order to further reduce the potential for viral spread. Increased cleaning and PPE guidelines during classes

● When feasible, we will be following state mask mandates, all staff members and some older children will be wearing face coverings within the facility.

● Children and staff will wash their hands after every activity, or after they touch their face. Our campus is cleaned and sanitized multiple times during the day. Cleaning and sanitizing will continue after school, we use a professional deep cleaning service that O-zones every room of our facility. Every Friday there is an extra deep cleaning including carpet washing, bed washing and all items are washed and sanitized. Every evening and while kids are outside staff opens all the windows for ventilation.

Travel or possible contact.

If a child might have been exposed to COVID-19 or traveled out of state, parents should inform Sarodgini management and could choose one of two options to come back to the regular childcare schedule. Leave your child at home for 14 days to quarantine, or get a COVID-19 test on the 7th day after their return from a trip, and send the negative result to our email:

Other Covid-19 Precautions.

Please note, that your child is not allowed to attend the childcare if he has symptoms of below mentioned illness and without proper medication. If your child has any of those simptomes, please, leave your child at home for 14 days to quarantine, or get a COVID-19 test on the 7th day after their return from a trip, and send the negative result to our email:

● Thick snot of any color

● High fever (above 37.0С)

● Sore throat

● Cough (which is not caused by allergy or diseases from which the child suffered previously)

● Rash

● Diarrhea or vomiting more than once per twenty-four-hours

● Red watery eyes

● Ear infection


Если ребёнок пришёл в детский сад больным (любые симптомы простуды или желудочного недомогания) и мы его отправляем домой, у вас будет несколько вариантов действий для возвращения в детский сад:

-ребёнок должен будет выздороветь и отсидеть дома 14 дней карантина

-ребёнок должен будет полностью выздороветь, пройти тест на коронавирус и отсидеть дома 2 дня после проявления последних симптомов без лекарств

-выбрать другой детский сад, куда можно ходить с зелёными соплями, сразу после рвоты или с другими симптомами заболевания, с более лояльными правилами по отношению к детским заболеваниям.



*Violating our policy two or more times may cause the termination of contract with no money back.